Welcome!  This site offers an introduction to Sage Hayes, Somatic Experiencing practitioner (SEP), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist + Licensed Massage Therapist.    I offer a half-hour complementary info session about somatic experiencing work.

 I have relocated my private practice + wellness center

to Alchemy at 87 Ocean St. in South Portland.

sagerblue22@yahoo.com * 207.939.7699

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 2015 News + Projects with Sage Hayes

Opening new wellness center called alchemy at 87 Ocean Street in South Portland with Angel Putney and Reclaiming our Roots apothecary.  

Deepening Practice - A six-week closed group/series for holistic health practitioners and movement teachers.  Our first group was amazing so I'll offer it again this fall!

Offering a SE informed group experience for trans folks this fall!    This will be part of a larger SE research project with SEP Paul Briggs who will be offering a simultaneous group in Hollywood, FL.  We hope to contribute to the growing research and effectiveness of how SE techniques, principles and practices can be learned in group formats with different populations.

Approved to offer Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced sessions for Somatic Experiencing students.  Currently assisting Steve Hoskinson's Advanced Somatic Experiencing Training in the Bay Area and SE Year 1+2 with Berns Galloway in Nova Scotia.

Stay up to date on my Facebook page and also on my classes & workshop page.

I'll be out of the office November 13th- 30th assisting at                                                 Somatic Experiencing trainings and for Thanksgiving Holiday.  



Wave photos by Heidi Record  www.surfgypsyphotography.com